Character Interview with Bradley Roberts


(This interview takes place previous to the start of the book Acquiring Hearts and the interviewer is not the female character in the book.)

Bradley Roberts was sitting in his office reading his emails when a woman came bursting through his office doors. He recognized her right away, Alexa Scott, reporter for In Focus Magazine.

“How did you get in my office, let alone my building? Where is my secretary? I’m calling security!” he called out jumping up from his chair.
“Your secretary is not out there. She must be at lunch and your doormen are just great. They even wished me a Happy Friday! They never even asked me for id.” Alexa rambled on.
“Well you better believe I am getting a new secretary and there are going to be new security measures put in place so it won’t be that easy next time. What do you want from me?”
“I want an interview for my magazine. I want to put you on the cover.” Alexa covered her mouth with her hand trying to hide her smirk. She knew she was pissing Bradley off.
“How many times do I have to say no?”
“I’m going to keep asking and I will not give up.”
“You’re very persistent.”
“Yes I am. You shouldn’t expect anything less from me.”
“You’re basically getting a 5 minute interview. I don’t want to be on the cover of the magazine.Save that shit for the other Brad.”
“I may be persistent but you are being very difficult.” Alexa knew she had to just be pushy because Brad hasn’t given in the past few times she tries to interview him.
“Listen, can we get this started. I have meetings to attend and you were not even scheduled let alone invited.”

Alexa pulled out her mini tape recorder to record the interview. Brad looked like he was about to give blood.

“I don’t like the looks of that thing. It seems illegal.”
“How else would you like me to record the interview?” She gave him a sideways glance.
“How about using a notepad and pen?” He answered sarcastically.
“Um Mr. Roberts, it is 2013, not 1955. Testing …let the records show that the interviewee is a caveman.”
“You better tape over that or this interview is over.”
“You are so sensitive. You were not like this when we were in High School.”
“I was fifteen and I didn’t have nosy paparazzi in my office. Can we please begin?”
“Okay, Okay”
Mr. Roberts…
Bradley: Yes
Alexa: I’m just going to state some physical facts about you.
Bradley: Okay
Alexa: Mr. Roberts is 6’3 with black hair and green eyes. What is your age?
Bradley: Why do I have to answer questions you already know the answer to?
Alexa: Just answer. It’s for the record.
Bradley: I’m 29 years old.
Alexa: Where did you grow up?
Bradley: I grew up in Radnor, PA next door to the interviewer.
Alexa rolled her eyes. “Can we leave me out of this?”
Alexa: Did you attend College?
Bradley: Yes, I went to Princeton University.
Alexa: What is your current profession?
Bradley: I am CEO of Roberts Technology Corporation.
Alexa: Okay now let’s get to the juicy stuff. All of the single women want to know what your status is?
Bradley: What status? My bank status? Well it’s full. That’s all they worry about anyway.
Alexa gave him a look as to say I’m taping this.
Alexa: They want to know whether you are single or taken.
Bradley: I’m single and I plan on keeping it that way for now until I find the one.
Alexa: Well that is a shame because there are plenty of nice single ladies out there who would love to get to know you. What plans do you have for your future?
Bradley: I plan on franchising my company to different states and implement major projects that I have in the works. Once I am fully established to where I want to be, I want to eventually start a family with someone that I am compatible with. I haven’t found her yet.
Alexa: Are you a romantic at heart?
Bradley: I’m a very romantic person If I’m with someone that I love, but that just has not been in my cards. I work very hard, have several businesses and have very little time for a social life.
Thank you, Bradley. I just have a few simple questions for you.
Alexa: What is your favorite color?
Bradley: black
Alexa: What is your favorite food?
Bradley: Pizza
Alexa: What shoe size are you?
Bradley: Why do you need to know that?
Alexa: Oh, I think all of America wants to know that!
Bradley: Miss perv, my shoe size is a 13. Is this interview over? I really have things to do.
Alexa: Fine. I’ll just get the rest of the information that I need from your mother.
Bradley: Don’t you dare.
Alexa: I’m just kidding we can end this here. I’ll improvise.
Bradley: You know everything about me. You could have just called.
Alexa: I needed your permission
Bradley: You still don’t have it. I was being nice.
Alexa: You call that nice
Bradley: Whatever…I’m done and say Bye to my secretary when you leave. Tell her she’s fired.


Book Review on Shadows of Morrow


A.C. Haury did an amazing job with Shadows of Morrow. I enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. I never had to wonder about a character because they were …described to perfection. When I was reading this book, I felt like I was living on the farm and living through the experiences right along with this family. I have read the previous reviews on this book and they did not deter me from reading. This book was not a far-fetched story. This type of situation happens in real life everyday but is just not broadcasted. Jack Morrow even pointed this fact out in his hospital room when he was waiting to hear about news of his daughter.

I read this book in approximately two days. I anticipated the end of this book to find out what happened but when I reached it; I was sad to see the book end. I also did not find the flashbacks to the past confusing at all. I actually enjoyed it because it gave me a look into what previously happened. I believe they were a crucial part to the storyline. Without it, the reader would not be able to understand the scenarios that were happening in the present. The flashes of the past were clearly noted at the beginning of the chapter with dates and places.

I am definitely looking forward to reading A.C. Haury’s next novel, which is expected in early 2014.

Technology Today

I find it amazing how the world has changed. I was walking down the boardwalk with my husband yesterday and I realized that one out of five people have a cell phone in their hands. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely one of them. I can’t even go to the bathroom without my cell phone (leaving out the part where my two-year old threw it in the sink when I went to the bathroom previously). I know that with the whole social media frenzy everyone has to have something attached to them but when did this happen? I feel like I woke up and the whole world is carrying a cell phone. They are not even itty bitty phones anymore. We are now once again carrying Zack Morris cell phones. We might as well just carry our laptops down the street.
I don’t know how these people keep track of these devices either. You have no idea how many times a day I lose my phone or leave it somewhere. It is like having an additional child to take care of. It is so bad that we have had to tear room’s apart, pick up my phone at strangers homes who have found it lying in the street, and worse even have had to buy new phones, yes plural. I am thirty-five years old and cannot take care of a phone and I ask “How do we have ten-year olds being responsible for such an expensive piece of technology and I am so irresponsible?” Here’s my answer: That is their only responsibility. I have to ride a subway, go to work, go to meetings all day, ride the subway home, pick up a child, cook dinner, online school, take care of a child, clean my house, pay my bills, write my book and do all this while trying to maintain one small device. My money is on the ten-year old.
I know I’m not the only person in the world with this issue considering almost every person has a phone. You should see me if I forget it at home for the day, you would think that it was part of my brain. I forget how to function. I get all confused and disoriented looking for it. I have actually gone home to get my cell phone before. It’s as if people need the devices to survive. Now this brings me to the issue of the IPAD/Tablet. I do not have one. I am actually not allowed one yet, as if I am three years old. I have to prove that I can take care of the new cell phone and new laptop first. I laughed out loud at that one. I will probably never get one considering my track record. At this point my three, four and five-year old niece and nephews have one before me. What’s wrong with this picture? Technology is taking over our lives all around us and we are not even aware of it. Who knows what the future holds but I know one thing for sure, I will be scoping out the next big phone that will be taking over the market, to carry around with me every day.