Book Review on Shadows of Morrow


A.C. Haury did an amazing job with Shadows of Morrow. I enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. I never had to wonder about a character because they were …described to perfection. When I was reading this book, I felt like I was living on the farm and living through the experiences right along with this family. I have read the previous reviews on this book and they did not deter me from reading. This book was not a far-fetched story. This type of situation happens in real life everyday but is just not broadcasted. Jack Morrow even pointed this fact out in his hospital room when he was waiting to hear about news of his daughter.

I read this book in approximately two days. I anticipated the end of this book to find out what happened but when I reached it; I was sad to see the book end. I also did not find the flashbacks to the past confusing at all. I actually enjoyed it because it gave me a look into what previously happened. I believe they were a crucial part to the storyline. Without it, the reader would not be able to understand the scenarios that were happening in the present. The flashes of the past were clearly noted at the beginning of the chapter with dates and places.

I am definitely looking forward to reading A.C. Haury’s next novel, which is expected in early 2014.


7 thoughts on “Book Review on Shadows of Morrow

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    Here is an outstanding review for Shadows of Morrow by fellow blogger and novelist S. Donahue. I love great feedback like this. Have you read Shadows of Morrow Yet? If so, be sure to leave feedback on the blog or on my Amazon page! ❤ A.C. Haury


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