My first review on my book!!

Here ya go… check it out on Goodreads!!

I received an ARC copy of Acquiring Hearts in exchange for a fair and honest review.
I am not typically a huge fan of romance novels, but Acquiring Hearts made a believer out of me. It has a fast paced plot, well-developed and interesting characters, and it certainly kept me reading page after page. It took me… only a day to read this book and it was definitely entertaining. It had everything; romance, comedy, heartache, crime, and more.

I love that Gia is an independent woman with a career and a good head on her shoulders. Some of her decisions made my head spin, but hey, it certainly wasn’t a boring read! I adored Brad from the gate. Sure, he is a total dream boat, but he is also a flawed character – and there is nothing I love more than a perfectly flawed character. Brad comes with baggage, but this only makes him a deeper character that one would expect to find in a debut novel.

I loved this book and I cannot wait for S. Donahue’s second book, Trusting Hearts, to come out. She left readers a teaser in the back of Acquiring Hearts, and it left me dying for more. She gives you just enough to leave you begging for more. C’mon S. Donahue! Give us more!

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a heartfelt romance or romantic comedies.