The Publishing Process through the eyes of an Indie Author


The Cycle of an Indie Novelist

By Addison Kline
So you’ve got an idea that you’re excited about. You think it would make a really awesome book and you have to write it down. Who knows where this will lead, but so far so good, right?
This book is going to be EPIC!
You begin writing your story. Every day. Type type type…Click clack click clack
OMG I am a literary genius!
You begin to fall in love with your characters and you feel like you know them.
I can’t pick a favorite… I love them ALL!
Suddenly, a little thing called a plot trips you up. After all, your book would be pretty pointless without one. At this point, you have to make things happen to your beloved characters. Potentially bad things….
What is happening…
You sit and ponder the plot twists in your head, and try to bulk…

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