Recipe of The Day 07/07/2015 ~~~Shannon’s Pasta Salad (Great for Summer BBQ’s)~~~



2 boxes of suddenly salad classic pasta salad (make as directed)

I bag of small/mini raviolis

Vegetable oil


Can of corn

Chopped black olives

Block of Monterey jack cheese diced up in small pieces

Bag of baby broccoli

Wishbone Fat free Italian dressing

Kens honey balsamic dressing


Boil the 2 boxes of classic pasta salad with oil and salt so it does not stick together

Boil the raviolis as directed in a separate pot

While the pasta boils… In a separate small bowl mix the 2 seasoning packets from the boxed pasta salad with water and oil set aside

In a large bowl add corn, chopped black olives, baby broccoli add the seasoning mixture and about 1/8 cup of ff Italian dressing mix all together

Once the pasta and raviolis finish boiling drain and set aside to cool ( or sometimes I run them under cold water to speed up the process)Once  cool add to the large bowl mixture  add ½ bottle of ff Italian dressing ( more if needed) and add about ¼ cup of balsamic dressing…mix all together. Once everything is completely cooled, (you can even put in fridge to cool)… before serving add the Monterey jack cheese dices. (if you add while hot, the cheese will curdle.. important to wait)

***add dressing as needed to keep from drying

****Takes approximately 30- 45 minutes


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