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October 2005


I felt the stares. I heard the whispers. No one can describe how it feels inside unless they’ve lived through it. I battled my weight all my life. When I look in the mirror I’m disgusted with myself. How could it have gotten to this point? I can’t dress the way the other girls at school do. They have all the trendy clothes, while I have to walk around in anything that fits me. I normally look grungy or un-kept.

I walk right past my locker because I don’t want to stop at it until the popular clique has moved away from it. I can’t deal with the torment that they put me through.

“Oh look here comes Hailey the heifer,” Carrie yelled from the locker holding her hand over her mouth laughing. Paulina and Laney chimed in with her. They were my enemies and they were put on this earth to make my life a living hell. I went through this every day with them. I wanted to just go up to Carrie and grab her hand and throw her on the ground and beat the shit out of her, but I was a better person. I try to ignore the ridicule, but it hurts inside. I know what I look like. I know what people see and I know how I feel.

Carrie is the ringleader. She is dating the most popular guy at school, Chase O’Brien. He is the captain of the Lacrosse team. They have been together for a while now. He is very nice, so I’m not sure what he sees in her besides looks.

As I walk by, I hear him say, “Why don’t you just leave her alone.”

“Why are you sticking up for the cow,” Carrie says

“She didn’t do anything to you,” Chase argues.

“Go with her then,” Carrie yells.

“Car, sometimes you can be a bitch,” Chase says slamming his locker and walking away.

I’m honored he stuck up for me, but as far as I’m concerned they are a clique who stick together. You are the company you keep, especially when they are your girlfriend.

One day I will overcome these barriers and be just as good as they are. I may never be a supermodel, but I Hailey McCormick will show all of them. I will no longer be a skinny girl living in a fat girl’s body. I will no longer be bullied because of the size of my body. I will succeed.



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