Technology Today

I find it amazing how the world has changed. I was walking down the boardwalk with my husband yesterday and I realized that one out of five people have a cell phone in their hands. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely one of them. I can’t even go to the bathroom without my cell phone (leaving out the part where my two-year old threw it in the sink when I went to the bathroom previously). I know that with the whole social media frenzy everyone has to have something attached to them but when did this happen? I feel like I woke up and the whole world is carrying a cell phone. They are not even itty bitty phones anymore. We are now once again carrying Zack Morris cell phones. We might as well just carry our laptops down the street.
I don’t know how these people keep track of these devices either. You have no idea how many times a day I lose my phone or leave it somewhere. It is like having an additional child to take care of. It is so bad that we have had to tear room’s apart, pick up my phone at strangers homes who have found it lying in the street, and worse even have had to buy new phones, yes plural. I am thirty-five years old and cannot take care of a phone and I ask “How do we have ten-year olds being responsible for such an expensive piece of technology and I am so irresponsible?” Here’s my answer: That is their only responsibility. I have to ride a subway, go to work, go to meetings all day, ride the subway home, pick up a child, cook dinner, online school, take care of a child, clean my house, pay my bills, write my book and do all this while trying to maintain one small device. My money is on the ten-year old.
I know I’m not the only person in the world with this issue considering almost every person has a phone. You should see me if I forget it at home for the day, you would think that it was part of my brain. I forget how to function. I get all confused and disoriented looking for it. I have actually gone home to get my cell phone before. It’s as if people need the devices to survive. Now this brings me to the issue of the IPAD/Tablet. I do not have one. I am actually not allowed one yet, as if I am three years old. I have to prove that I can take care of the new cell phone and new laptop first. I laughed out loud at that one. I will probably never get one considering my track record. At this point my three, four and five-year old niece and nephews have one before me. What’s wrong with this picture? Technology is taking over our lives all around us and we are not even aware of it. Who knows what the future holds but I know one thing for sure, I will be scoping out the next big phone that will be taking over the market, to carry around with me every day.